Your Telegram client accessible by HTTP API

Taas lets you build automated Telegram clients with ease.
Think of TaaS as managed TDLib - we take care of hosting and running TDLib, and you use it through HTTP API.

Use all TDLib methods with HTTP requests

Setting up TDLib can be tedious. Taas lets you get your TDLib up and running in one click, and doesn't matter which platform and programming language you are using.

  • Create a client in dashboard using phone or bot token
  • Perform requests using any HTTP client with API Key you receive

More powerful than a bot

Taas is a real full-featured Telegram Client running in a cloud. Use all the methods provided by Telegram API

  • It can send messages to anybody even if they did not start the conversation
  • It can retrieve full chat history


Taas is free to try, if you make under 12000 requests in a month. Price is charged by minutes of enabled plan. You can always go back to free if you want.

Free Hobby Basic Standard Unlimited
(per month)
Free $23.00 $69.00 $198.00 Contact us at @taas5
Requests Limit
(per month)
12 000 120 000
Clients number limit 1 1 10 100
Performance low low standard high priority

All limits (except Requests) are soft - you can scale the tariff already after you get over the limit, with no service interruptions.

Please contact us at Telegram @taas5 if you have any questions

Who is using Taas


Zapier with Telegram

Do you want to build Telegram integration using Zapier? That's easier than ever with Taas. Just:

Integromat integration

Integromat integration is also possible, write to us at @taas5 to know.